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Consider untilizing the years of experience we've had in building and living in log homes to help you build your dream home. We have a long list of satisfied customers that we can put you in touch with. Just ask!

"We have had several admirers of our house during the construction and upon the completion and we have told everyone how pleased we were with your hard work in managing how all this was to come together."
Smoky & Marcia
"The process of building our home was a pleasure. Everything we wanted was done, from stained glass in the windows and walls, to cowboy tile in the island and floor. Every request we made, it was done! No problems, and done very well!"
Thomas & Rita
"It has always been our dream to live in a log home and you helped us make our dream possible. We are very happy to finally be in our log home and we are looking forward to spending our lives here."
Kelly, Colby & Kentin
"We knew from the beginning that we could depend on your honesty. You stood by everything that was in the contract and if you said you would do something you always did."
Fred & Pam

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